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Blind A Sixth Sense

Mission Statement



As a registered blind person, I designed Blind A Sixth Sense, a unique concept for an exhibition, with the premise of stepping into my world of blindness, to highlight the talent that lays within the blind and visually impaired community.  This unique concept has never been done in the visual arts within the UK until recently when I debut this in February 2018.



An exhibition set in a complete pitch black environment, to highlight the following:



    1.    To experience what it is to be blind, not just the challenges but to expand your mind and                trust your senses to feel the innate beauty of blindness.


    2.    To bypass this very visually orientated world we live in, I invite the public to connect with                their other senses to experience sculpture in a much more engaging manner.


    3.    To challenge the visual arts to inspire curators to think outside of the box, to present more              accessible exhibitions that are inclusive for the blind and visually impaired community,                    most especially sculpture as this is such a tactile medium, which when feeling the work can            give a much more in-depth understanding of the pieces being presented.





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