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The importance of our wellbeing is a vital component to living a healthy and happy life. This is especially important if you are living sight loss. I believe that the wellbeing of those that live with this adversity need to have a good sense of self awareness,, be able to listen to what their body, mind and spirit is telling them.  


Here are just some ways we can key into what it is we need to for our own wellbeing: 


Seek help from a professional if you are worried about your mental health, the psychological and emotional impact of sight loss is apparent for those with a visual impairment. And should be recognised and supported. Speak to your GP or get in touch with your local sight loss organisation. Therapy is such a good tool for helping you come to terms with your sight loss and can make you much more self aware.  



Socialise with those who live with a visual impairment. This can be a wonderful way to make new friends that are like minded and understand what your life consists of. To share solutions to the everyday challenges can be really helpful, I've picked up many tips from my group of visually impaired friends and whenever I am with them I feel so understood and supported. Get in touch with some sight loss organisations which will be able to sign post you to social and activity groups near where you live.  



Enjoy an activity, something that helps you engage with yourself, promotes independence and self worth. Something that brings you joy is one of the best ways to feel good about yourself. I love my activities, I enjoy surfing, skateboarding, biking, running  and I've even begun to learn how to snow board. All of these activities give me an incredible sense of freedom and joy. There are many organisations that promote and teach those with sight loss how to find an adaptive way to enjoy activities  



Music can be such a wonderful and joyous outlet, be that playing an instrument or singing, music touches everyone and can be such a good way of expressing yourself. You could learn to play an instrument and play in a band or join a choir , music is uplifting and can support your mental health and wellbeing.  



Art is also a way to support your wellbeing, i know this as a Proffessional Artist of 30 years. Sculpture for me has been a beautiful way to express myself and has given me a sense of purpose. Whatever your choice of media may be from painting to 3 dimensional work art is so therapeutic and can also be done as a group activity too. Look for any local art groups that are sensitive to sight loss and will support your individual needs.  



Meditation and mindfulness can very much transport our wellbeing to a place of calm and tranquility. It can help with focus and calm the mind when life begins to get us down. With the right mindset meditation and mindfulness will support your mind, body and spirit and help bring you into balance which will support your needs and cultivate self growth and discovery.  




I truly believe that we can help support our own wellbeing and the wellbeing of others , to recognise and give worth to ourselves and find things that can fulfil our lives and give purpose and meaning is always going to be a supportive place to be. Social interaction is so important, it creates community and friendship, it prevents isolation and loneliness and no one should feel alone with there sight loss but many people do. So please take some advice with your local service providers and begin to support your wellbeing and journey through sight loss.  

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