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Retina UK Ambassador

Victoria stands in the Fly Freedom In Acceptance exhibition before speaking as the inspirational speaker at the Retina UK conference

In 2018 I was invited by Retina UK to become an ambassador for their Charity.  This came about as they had heard about my Blind A Sixth Sense exhibition.  They felt that as someone with Retinitis Pigmentosa and a successful professional artist, I would be a good advocate for their organisation.  After making them aware of all of my other involvements they really felt that I was someone that could help spread the incredible work that Retina UK do.  This includes funding vital research, supporting those with Inherited retinal diseases and highlighting sight loss awareness.


They invited me to speak at the Retina UK annual conference, I also had the pleasure of exhibiting my Fly Freedom In Acceptance exhibition.  The event was held in central London, I met many members of the Charity and have reached out to this community with my story and advocacy to support those with a retinal dystrophy.

I am able to represent Retina UK through all the work I do, exhibiting, public speaking and my involvement with other sight loss organisations.  I enjoy writing blogs for them which go on the Retina UK website, I support any work that they are doing by highlighting it on social media.  I look forward to my future involvements with fund raising campaigns, supporting the newly diagnosed and being part of Retina UK events.

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