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Public Speaking

Victoria has a life experience that has given her many facets and skills to resonate with many different audiences.  She speaks at sight loss conferences all over the world, this has included Retina UK’s London Annual Conference, Fighting Blindness Ireland’s Retina 18 Conference, and she has been invited as one of 40 speakers at the Vision 2020 World Conference taking place in Dublin.  2019 already see’s Victoria speak at the Macular Society and the MountShannon Art Festival in Ireland.


Her style of speaking is one of authenticity, honesty and connection, which reaches out to her audience on a whole hearted level, connecting with people and giving them a part of herself so that they can grow through their adversity, by sharing her experience of sight loss over the past 25 years and the additional struggles that she faced including addictive behaviours such as drink dependency and anorexia which were all linked to the psychological impact of sight loss.  She also speaks of her successful career as a Professional Sculptor, her advocacy work changing the public’s perception of the blind and visually impaired, her spiritual pathway to self discovery, her years of travel, her love for being a musician, playing piano, guitar, singing and song writing, her forthcoming book and the board sports she enjoys such as surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding.


Her acceptance of her blindness and the inspirational way of how she views her sight loss as a gift is quite unique. Her open, honest approach with sharing not just her success and achievements, but her vulnerability and struggles will touch a wide variety of audiences.  With a positive, enlightening, whole hearted style her speaking will leave your audience inspired and uplifted, truly a story of flying in the face of adversity.  A celebration of what the human spirit is truly capable of.  She will take you on a journey of not just her life, but may open you up to your own limitless way of living and being.  Victoria believes that if we release ourselves from the limiting beliefs that we and others put upon us we can create successful, meaningful, limitless lives.


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