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I offer a mentoring service, this is to support those who may be struggling with their sight loss and may need some guidance, support or just someone to listen.


When I was first diagnosed with RP at the age of 19 in 1994, I felt that there was no one to turn to, I felt alone and isolated, even though I had my family around me there was a feeling of separation, I think that is because no one could relate to what I was going through and at the time I did not want to upset people around me, they had to cope with what was happening to me and their own feelings around that.


When I reached the acceptance of my blindness and began truly living my life to its full potential I made a promise to myself, that promise was that as long as I am able, I would make myself available in a supporting way to anyone that needs support with their own journey through sight loss.


Sight loss is just that…… LOSS, this means a sense of grief, however, often many of us do not allow ourselves to grieve for what we are losing.  Sight loss can take away your independence, your self worth and confidence, you can lose such things as your drivers licence, partners, loved ones and friends, it can be so very isolating.  With the help and support of someone that has experienced all those losses but has come through the other side, stronger, with more compassion and determination, those that are going through a hard time can perhaps see that  asking for help is one of the first steps to reaching a more positive way of living with sight loss.


I offer an email mentoring service, phone and if you are within travelling distance I can also offer a face to face consultation.


There are many sight loss organisations and charities that are there to offer support.  Please click here to visit the Sight Loss Organisations page for more information.


If you feel I can help you, please contact me, click here to go to the contact page.  Remember, accepting help is not a sign of weakness, it is our greatest strength, we are stronger together as a visually impaired community then we are apart.

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