Picture of a sculpture of a wooden magnola flower, its petals splayed out in 2 layers.
Picture of Victoria Claire public speaking, Positive Mindset, Limitless Life, at the Retina 18 conference in Dublin
Picture of Victoria Claire, Ambassador for Retina UK standing alongside one of her sculptures entitled The Guardian at the Retina UK annual conference.
Picture of Victoria Claire holding a jazz microphone.
Picture of Victoria Claire Surfing.
Picture of Victoria Claire skating on her skateboard using her purple mobility long cane in her left hand to navigate.

My Story


My name is Victoria Claire and I am a registered blind Professional Artist in Contemporary Sculpture, a public speaker, an Ambassador for Retina UK and a sight loss awareness advocate. 


I have the condition Retinitis Pigmentosa, RP, I was diagnosed in 1994 at the age of 19.  I am now 43 and am fully acceptant of my sight loss, it has taken me over 20 years to reach this very beautiful way of being, much of my life since my diagnosis has been about fighting my sight loss, hanging on to every last thread of residual vision as if my life depended on it.  However, I have never allowed my sight loss to sever my love for sculpture, this was the one constant thing in my life I could rely on.  I believe that is the fundamental reason my career as a professional sculptor has thrived and been so successful.  However, I had lived for so many years in fear, waiting for blindness to come and then take away the only thing I felt confidant doing.  The problem with progressive sight loss is it’s a constantly moving target, the goal posts are forever being moved.  This becomes very difficult as you have to keep adjusting to change.


Over the past 3 years my life has dramatically changed, this is all due to identifying that although I was happy with how my career was going, I was not happy with myself on a personal level.  I knew this needed to change.  I have since been working on my self development with my holistic counsellor, she has not only opened me up to find the acceptance in blindness but has shown me all of the other amazing, beautiful parts of myself that I never thought were there.  I now live an incredible, blessed life, full of love, fulfilment and achievement.  I now recognise the whole of me, not just the sight loss and the profession as a sculptor but to celebrate all of the many facets of myself.  I love and respect myself with a whole heart, I am able to connect to the innate sense of my inner being.  This is the very gift that has taught me my acceptance in blindness, a trust, freedom and peace like nothing else I’ve ever experienced.  The very thing I had feared for all those years, in fact is the very thing that has given me this gift.


I believe that we as human beings are capable of so much more, if we learn to unchain ourselves from the limiting beliefs we have, we can do anything.  If we choose to not allow our lives to be lead in a restrictive manner, we can become free to truly experience this beautiful life, a life full where we can all learn to embrace our imperfections, where there is no disability, just ability, where we can all recognise the oneness within each other and support one another along the pathway of life. 


I wanted this website to be a supportive, encouraging, inspiring place for those who have sight loss.  To showcase and highlight the greatness that can be found within the blind and visually impaired community.  I share myself, my work, advocacy and love of the activities I am involved in, to show you that you too can live a limitless life with a positive mindset.  If you are willing to open yourself up and work on what you may find, you will gain the tools that will create the best version of yourself, so that you too can enjoy a fulfilling life that does not hold you back, just drives you forward. 


As you will discover through this website I am a Professional Artist, a Public Speaker, Retina UK Ambassador, Sight loss Mentor, Musician and song writer, Author, Surfer and Skateboarder and through all these involvements I am able to work as an advocate for sight loss awareness.  I aim to change the publics perception of the blind and visually impaired and help make the world a much more accepting, adaptive and accessible place.