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Beyond Vision Radio

I am currently moving into a different vocation, this is with in the broadcasting industry. I am fusing two of the things I enjoy, Public speaking and Music, this to me makes a very good foundation to work as a radio presenter. 


I have worked for a local radio station where I  live, I presented my own feature hour once a week called Beyond Vision, it was a show that focused on well being and opened up topics of conversation that varied from mental health to isolation and loneliness. My aim was to try and reach as many people as I could locally, to support and give information that may help someone change their lives. 


I am currently training at a Kent based hospital once a week, I am learning how to use the desk and all of the technical skills it takes to present and produce my own show. I co present a request show which goes out to all of the patience and hospital staff. This is such an honour for me as they really are so accommodating to my visual impairment and are committed to finding solutions so that I can go forward in the studio setting. 


I also am working with RNIB Connect Radio who are also training me, this is an opportunity to learn how to edit and put together a pre recorded show. I am the new presenter of a show called Sounds of the silver screen which is on once a week. I am very much committed to gaining the skills so that I can go forward as a live presenter and also create pre recorded shows. 


I hope this will all lead to a new career in broadcasting and move towards a new andexciting future. 

To find out more or listen to RNIB Radio, click the link below:

To find our more or listen to Medway Radio Hospital, click the link below:

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