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Victoria Claire Professional Artist Contemporary Sculpture

I am a Registered Blind, Professional Artist in Contemporary Sculpture, I have been working in the medium of wood for 25 years, my works are as far afield as Australia, America, Ireland, Italy, France and Germany as well as all over the UK.  I am based in Kent, am artist in residence at York Street Gallery, Ramsgate and East Gate Gallery, Basildon and I have exhibited all over the South East of England, including central London, the House of Commons and America Square.



Media Coverage


I has been reported on by the BBC several times, Robin Gibson Arts and Culture Correspondent reported on The House Of Commons and also the recent Blind A Sixth Sense exhibition.  I was also interviewed on the KMTV Tonight programme. 

I have been featured in many national magazines such as The Big Issue Ireland, Optometry Today, Woodcarving Magazine and Kent Life as well as being in many regional newspapers.


Despite having to leave my university degree in figurative sculpture, which had only 28 places in Europe, I took the time to adjust to this adversity and began freelance sculpting.  My work has been successfully commissioned over the past 25 years and has been seen in many exhibitions and I am able to continue creating my work despite my blindness, adaptivity has helped diversify with my work and The Royal British Sculptors Society have described my work as Post Modern Symbolic, this, they feel is due to the more representative style that has been adopted as my sight has deteriorated.  I create work that has a definitive stylistic approach, shape and form are represented with sweeping and flowing lines.  I often create work with piercings and suspensions, these suspended parts are often crystals.  I take much of my inspiration from nature and my own spiritual awareness.


I am a very passionate artist and I continue to think outside of the box, enjoying creating work that evokes an emotive response with a message of inclusive accessibility for all.  I feel accessible art for those with disabilities should be considered in a much broader way, I contribute to accessible art by curating my exhibitions so that they are inclusive to all needs.


For further information please get in touch via the Contact Page.

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