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I have been exhibiting all over the South East of England since 2014.  Although I have been sculpting for 25 years, in late 2012 it had come to my attention that I had never had a solo exhibition of my work.  With this realisation, I set about creating a large collection of what ended up being 14 pieces for my first solo exhibition entitled Through The Eyes Of Time.  This was a great success, running for one month in the beautiful Sessions House KCC headquarters buildings, work was sold and, in fact, this was where my MP saw the work and decided to ballot for the exhibition to be at The House Of Commons in London.  Between 2014 and 2015 the Through The Eyes Of Time exhibition toured the South East and continued into 2016. 


2015 was the year my work was to be seen by a much wider audience, the exhibition was indeed seen at the beautiful House Of Commons Parliamentary building, A collection of the exhibition was exhibited in The Upper Waiting Hall which is located just before the chambers, it was the main route for the members of Parliament to reach the Chambers.  This meant the work was seen by a constant foot fall of people.  The BBC reported from the Upper Waiting Hall and interviewed me.  It was featured in national magazines and publications.  Within the second day I had sold work from being seen on the television.  I believe this exhibition elevated my career and paved the way to my professional career as an exhibiting and commissioned artist. 


2016 to 2017 saw many more exhibitions around the South East and Essex, I exhibited new work and commissioned pieces to create different collections, a lot of my work has a spiritual connotation, one of the collections exhibited was entitled Enlightenment, this again proved to be a very successful exhibition selling work from the collection and gaining commissions.  I also was invited to exhibit by several art associations and groups to guest exhibit at their exhibitions. 


2018 was the year my most meaningful exhibition was debuted, Blind A Sixth Sense, this was such an incredible experience, being the first artist in the UK to display sculpture in a pitch black gallery space. 

All work sold and I donated £1,400 to The Guide Dogs Association.  The success of this exhibition has created so many wonderful opportunities for me and I am so grateful for the gifts that this incredibly unique exhibition has given me.


You can read more about Blind A Sixth Sense by clicking on the tab on the sculptor page. 


In June 2018 I was invited by Retina UK to speak and exhibit at their annual conference, this took place in central London, Several hundred people visited the Fly Freedom In Acceptance exhibition.  A collection of work to celebrate the acceptance of my blindness.  Each piece was in the theme of Fly in the face of adversity, this included some very diverse work, such as, a bamboo  long mobility cane with the Chinese symbols for Freedom In Acceptance running down the shaft, a Blinded Soul bespoke solid deck skateboard and the electric guitar that appeared in the Blind A Sixth Sense exhibition, alongside a dove in flight, a butterfly, a surfer on a wave and a floor standing wing. 

I have also had the pleasure of being invited to exhibit at the European Guide Dogs Federation art exhibition in Henley.


Over these past years I have exhibited in 15 exhibitions, of which 12 have been solo exhibitions and I intend to continue exhibiting in the future.

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