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Blind A Sixth Sense  


I have recently found another wonderful creative outlet, writing.  For quite a number of years people have told me that I should write my story, it is something I have thought about doing for a long time, however I now know that it wasn’t the right time until recently.


In March I got in touch with a friend who is involved with a creative writing class, she encouraged me to get in touch with one of the writers that teaches at her class.  Marnie Somerfield Smith is a professional ghost writer, she has been published all over the world and is an incredibly talented writer.  Initially I was thinking that I would not have the time to write my book myself and thought that Marnie may be interested in my story and to write it.  However, alter meeting Marnie and having a long conversation about my story, she thought that I should be the one to write it, I could feel a sense of excitement as we were discussing the book and something ignited inside me to start writing.


I now am being supported and mentored by Marnie and began writing my book in November 2018, I am thoroughly enjoying the experience.  I was a little apprehensive when I began but the more I committed to it, the more I could see that I was really gaining a lot from it.


The title of my book will be a tribute to my Blind A Sixth Sense exhibition, this title completely encompasses my journey through sight loss and how I have found acceptance and a sense of peace and beauty with my blindness.  My story takes you through my life, sharing my path with my sight loss and all the emotions, with an extremely honest and open heart in the way I share my experience.  I hope the readers will be swept up and taken on a journey of discovery, from the person that was broken to the women that I now am, strong, supportive, inspiring, whole hearted and dedicated, passionate and an advocate that anything is possible with acceptance in ones self, an openness to find solutions and be adaptive and to also accept accessibility to create the life you want to live, to live your best life.


I wanted to reach out to others with sight loss with this book, I hope it will open up to those with a visual impairment, to show them that I understand how they feel, I also can share my testament that there is an amazing life to have had regardless of your adversity.


The book is still being written, I am hoping that I will finish the writing process mid to late 2019, then I hope to concentrate on getting it published.  I will keep you all updated on the progress on the news and events page.





I am the resident artist in the online all inclusive CAPTIVATING! Magazine, this is a magazine that advocates and celebrates those with disability, the magazine is an accessible, inclusive publication that is run by Bold, Blind, Beauties CEO Steph McCoy and Chelsea.


I write a monthly article as the arts and entertainment writer.  I share various features about my profession as a sculptor, talking about various exhibitions, my creative process and accessible art. It is a great honour to be part of this magazine and I really enjoy the experience of writing in a more article based way.


Please keep visiting the news and events page on Victoria Claire Beyond Vision for further information about my book Blind A Sixth Sense.

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