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Blinded Soul Surf And Skate

As a keen skateboarder, it stands to reason that I make skateboards, I have diversified my sculptural skills to create these beautiful boards. 


I am the founder and creator of Blinded Soul Skateboards, these boards are created from solid woods, with a retro style and can come as complete skateboards or just decks. 


They are bespoke and made to order to your requirements.  Each board is individually shaped and finished by hand.  They are then fibreglassed for flexibility and strength.  Each board is a one off and completely unique.  A wide variety of shapes can be made, from longboards to mini cruisers and double kick boards, the choice is yours.  All art work is specifically designed and painted for each individual board.


If you would like to make an enquiry for an order for a Blinded Soul Skateboard please go to the contacts page to get in touch.

5 Blinded Soul Skateboards lined up in a row, from left to right, longboard with blue and white stripe, longboard with green, red and white stripes, cruiser single kick with green and black stripe, mini cruiser dark wood with brown and cream stripe and retro fish tail cruiser with brown and yellow artwork

To see more examples of Blinded Soul Skateboards, please visit the Gallery page

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