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By Any Means By V!

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Victoria wearing a black dress holding a jazz microphone

I have been a musician for over 20 years, I first started playing guitar at college, a friend of mine taught me the basic chords on his acoustic guitar.  My first guitar was an acoustic nylon string, this was to be the basis of learning how to play.  I took the guidance of my friend and began to learn a few songs. 


I started to write my own songs a few years later, I upgraded my guitar to a semi acoustic.  This is when I found my voice.  I would use music as a therapeutic process, my lyrical content was often an expression of what I happened to be going through at that time.  I went travelling and met a lot of musicians whilst in San Diego, I performed with a group of friends in a coffee shop called Java Joes in Ocean Beach, San Diego, I bought some bongos and would sit on the hostel porch till the sun rose, jamming with the other musicians.  After performing it became apparent that I had fallen in love with creating and performing music. 

In 1999 I returned from my travels and was really keen to start a band.  I went to a music shop to change my guitar, I bought an acoustic as I preferred the sound to the semi acoustic, I met a couple of musicians working in the shop.  We formed my first band As and When. We would rehearse above the shop a couple of times a week.  Soon we began to record the songs I was writing. 


Since that very first band I have been in and out of bands for years, lead singing mainly, I have also had a producers contract working on my own solo material.  I met my husband when I joined the band Sender 251, he was the drummer of the band.  We have since been in bands together with many different line ups.  I have recorded solo and band music many times and I really enjoy the process of writing and recording in a studio. 


In 2018 I recorded an album un the project name Resonate, for which I wrote lyrically and musically, this was a great basis to expand my writing ability. I now am enjoying writing as a solo artist again and collaborating on arrangements when recording.  I fell in love with playing the piano back in 2007, I purchased a piano from the school I was teaching in.  I started to teach myself to play, I knew basic chords from when I was young, my grandad taught me the basics on his keyboard.  I used to have a keyboard of my own when I was a child, I used to enjoy playing it in school productions.  Playing the piano is again so therapeutic, over the years of having my piano I have written well over 30 songs.


Music for me has been a beautiful outlet to express myself, it is a universal language that can touch everybody no matter what your race, age, background, gender and faith.  It has the power to touch people in the most profound way. 


I am continually writing new music, it is a huge part of my creative being, I think I will always write new songs and keep expressing myself in this way.  Music is a gift and I am so thankful that I am able to create this.

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