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Image of Japanese symbols spelling the word Reiki

Reiki Healing


I have been practising Reiki since 2016.  I have always been someone that is interested in alternative therapies and medicine, I think this is why I was drawn to Reiki.


I first met my Reiki Master at one of my exhibitions, he commissioned me to create a piece that represented the Reiki pose, this is 2 hands apart, facing each other, I suspended a form wrapped around a small rose quartz, this depicted the energy force that flows between the 2 hands.  At the time, my Reiki Master was giving me some treatment, it wasn’t until the end of that year when he called me up and said, “Its time to introduce you to level one Reiki” 


I am now a Reiki Master myself, after going through my initial attuning and then working my way through the levels.  There are 3 levels, each level becomes a stronger attuning to universal energy, Level 3 is Reiki Master level, there is one more level which is Reiki Teacher, this usually is for a Reiki Master of many years.


What is Reiki?

Reiki is a way of connecting to a universal energy that is all around us, we, the Reiki Practitioner do not have that power of universal energy, we are merely a tool for which the energy can be channeled through.  An upmost respect must be held for the energy that we work with, Reiki is to serve others and is always used in a positive, good way.  It can be used to help support and treat the mind and body of any aliments or pain.  The Reiki practitioner will work on the client for around 25 minutes, the client is asked to just sit, close their eyes and relax, whilst the practitioner will channel the Chi energy through their hands and to the client.  The energy will go to where it is most needed to support that part of the body.


Reiki originates from ancient Japan and means “Universal life energy force” it was founded by Dr. Mikao Usui.  After spending time in a Buddhist monastery he had a spiritual awakening.  After this spiritual awakening, on Mount Kurama, Dr. Usui established a clinic for healing and teaching in Kyoto.  As the practice of Usui Reiki was spreading, Dr. Usui became known for his healing practice, thus the birth of Reiki Began.


Since practising Reiki it has helped me strengthen my spiritual connection and have a greater faith and respect for universal energy, it has given me much empathy and compassion and I have the belief that I can offer support through using Reiki to those that may need it.


If this is something that you feel you may be interested in finding out more about or would like to find a Reiki practitioner please search for Reiki practitioners near you on line.

Picture of a ripple with a droplet suspended in mid air, quote reads trust in the universal energy.
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